New Website for Yorkshire Boilers

New Website For Yorkshire Boilers

Over the last couple of months JAM Marketing & Media have been working on an exciting new website for Yorkshire Boilers. Yorkshire Boilers came to JAM Marketing & Media over 3 years ago to manage their PPC campaigns. We now take care of all their marketing requirements providing them with a full marketing service including…

22 Benefits Of Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Guide For Beginners

SEO Guide For Beginners Are you new to SEO? Or do you simply need to work on your current knowledge? This post will provide the information you need to get yourself professional standard of Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO. What is SEO? SEO is marketing focused on growing visibility in organic (which means it is…

SEO Mistakes

How we boosted SEO for a UK Mailing House

Project Type: Heavyweight SEO Campaign Company: The Direct Mail Company Website: Overview During the end of 2017 we started an heavyweight SEO campaign for The Direct Mail Company to boost rankings for short tail high traffic keywords. The website was already ranking for many medium and long tail keywords however we now was required…

What is direct mail

What is Direct Mail?

Here at Jam Marketing & Media, we believe you should use a mixture of online and offline marketing techniques in your business’ marketing strategy. In this article we tell you what direct mail is and why you should send direct mail marketing campaigns. What is Direct Mail? Direct mail is a type of direct marketing,…


7 Benefits of Pay-Per-Click

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing where the business will have to pay a fee whenever a user clicks on the advert. Google Ads is the most popular PPC system. The platform enables businesses to create advertisements that will appear on the search engine when searching for something related to what you’re…

Why Should You Send Direct Mail Campaigns?

Why Should You Send Direct Mail Campaigns?

For years marketers have seen direct mail as an outdated channel for reaching out to consumers, but now more businesses are choosing to send direct mail campaigns to their databases. Due to the recent General Data Protection Regulation more marketers are choosing to send mail shot campaigns to engage with their audience. Proving that it…

Why Are Online Reviews Important To Your Business

Why Are Online Reviews Important For Your Business

Why are online reviews important for your business? Online reviews are vital to any business that wants to keep control of it’s online reputation. Did you know that 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business and 88% of consumers value online reviews the same as personal recommendations. In this article we highlight…

SEO Mistakes

6 Common SEO Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

There are many common SEO mistakes businesses often make when optimising their website. Search engine optimisation is a very important ingredient in your business’ marketing mix. SEO is a great way to increase the quality of ‘free’ or ‘natural’ traffic that visits your website. In this article we highlight the 6 common SEO mistakes you…

Why Does Your Company Need A Marketing Agency

Why Does Your Company Need A Marketing Agency?

Why does your company need a marketing agency? Well picture this, your business is blooming and ROI is increasing rapidly. You’ve got more leads than you can handle and you’ve hardly had to do anything in the process. You might be wondering, “how can this happen?”  Well, you’ve outsourced to a marketing agency who are…

Social Media Impact SEO

Does Social Media Impact SEO?

Does social media impact SEO? There is a lot of confusion about whether social media actually impacts search engine optimisation. There is a correlation between social media and SEO, but it doesn’t imply causation. In this article we look at the ways social media impacts SEO… Does Social Media Impact SEO? Yes, social media does…

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