How we boosted SEO for a UK Mailing House

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How we boosted SEO for a UK Mailing House

How we boosted SEO for a UK Mailing House 960 504 Myles Robinson

Project Type: Heavyweight SEO Campaign

Company: The Direct Mail Company



During the end of 2017 we started an heavyweight SEO campaign for The Direct Mail Company to boost rankings for short tail high traffic keywords. The website was already ranking for many medium and long tail keywords however we now was required to target the most competitive keywords in the mailing house industry.

Keywords to target in this campaign:

Direct Mail, Mail House, Mailshots, Transactional Direct Mail, Bulk Postage

What we did


Firstly we conducted a comprehensive review of the current rankings of the above keywords to find out their Google rankings and how much work would be required to get these to the top positions. We then looked at the top 3 companies for each keyword on Google and looked at their content, structure, links and many more SEO indicators to understand why they may be ranking so high.


First of all we wanted to create content that is the most relevant it can be for the user, so from searching for ‘direct mail’ on Google, they click on our organic listing and then click through to our page that is relevant to direct mail. This increases user engagement and ensures that the flow is created from search through to enquiry. It is important that we ensured the content is to the point but also concise enough to be able to give the user everything they are looking for when searching for that term.

SEO in 2018 is heavily content led. In previous years it was best to get as many links as possible however Google realised that the content is not always as relevant for the user. A well written and constructed page with informative content now overrides this old SEO tactic. We ensured that the heading tags (H1, H2, H3 etc) were all correctly optimised for each search term and also the content was rich with semantic keywords and also our target keywords. (Semantic keywords are keywords that are relevant to the search term; for example a user looking for direct mail, other semantic keywords may be ‘mail house’ ‘mailing house’ ‘direct mail fulfilment‘)

We also looked at internal linking throughout the website. This means linking pages with each other. A good example of this would be linking the ‘transactional direct mail‘ page from the ‘direct mail’ page.

We also looked at how the blogs would be linked back to relevant pages. A blog on ‘Alternatives to Royal Mail’ would link back to the ‘bulk postage’ page as most people who were looking for alternatives to Royal Mail would be looking to mail bulk items but are wanting lower postage rages.

We planned blogs months in advance that would be linked to the targeted keywords as stated above, with a view to these blogs ranking position 1 on Google to generate free, relevant traffic that would link to our internal pages. The blogs were heavily SEO optimised and the below keywords and blogs are currently ranking position 1 on Google. It is important to note that we conducted research to find search terms such as the below that generate a good amount of traffic and would generate visitors.

Blog position 1 on Google: Keyword:  ‘Direct Marketing Ideas’ URL:

Blog Position 1 on Google: Keyword: ‘Alternatives to Royal Mail for Letters’ URL:

Blog Position 1 on Google: Keyword: ‘Direct Mail Letter Examples’ URL:

All of the blogs above have links to our internal pages that we aimed to rank and they were a huge success.

Social Signals:

The importance of social media and the rankings on Google is undecided in the world of SEO, however we see the whole SEO marketing mix important so we increased social signals and traffic from social media sites. It can’t be written off however there is no direct yes or no answer to whether they affect rankings. We drive traffic, engagement and brand awareness on social media.

External Factors:

There are many external SEO factors that help to boost rankings for SEO however these are becoming much more niche and once again the relevancy is an overriding factor as well as the quality of work. We looked at highly relevant backlinks from other websites in the same industry but not competition, guest blogging, outreach and some relevant directories. It is important to remember that a few quality links will be better for your website than many unrelated links.


As of today all of the keywords mentioned at the start of this article are, and have been, ranking position 1 on Google in the UK for quite a few months. Our team really have cracked current SEO techniques and are ranking many keywords for both B2B and B2C retail websites in highly competitive markets.

We are looking to take on new SEO clients currently, so if you are looking for a transparent marketing company to manage your SEO then please get in touch with us on 01924 434394 or email


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