Does Social Media Impact SEO?

Social Media Impact SEO

Does Social Media Impact SEO?

Does Social Media Impact SEO? 720 720 Myles Robinson

Does social media impact SEO? There is a lot of confusion about whether social media actually impacts search engine optimisation. There is a correlation between social media and SEO, but it doesn’t imply causation. In this article we look at the ways social media impacts SEO…

Does Social Media Impact SEO?

Yes, social media does impact SEO, but not in the way you may think. Search engines like Google and Bing don’t allow signals from social media channels to directly affect your ranking position. However, it is another way to put your business on search engine results pages.

Even though social media doesn’t have a direct impact on search rankings, your presence on social media affects search engine optimisation in a number of way. In this post we look at ways social media impacts search engine optimisation.

7 Ways Social Media Impacts SEO

Here at 7 ways social media impacts SEO:

  1. Social Media Profiles Rank in Search Engines
  2. Social Media Sharing Increases Traffic to Websites
  3. Social Media Promotes Brand Awareness
  4. Localised SEO Relies on Social Media
  5. Easier to Capture External Links
  6. Different Search Engines Prefer Certain Social Media Activities
  7. Broader Content Distribution and Longer Content Lifespan

Social Media Profiles Rank in Search Engine

If you type in the name of a business on a search engine, its social media profiles are likely to rank along with its official website. If the company’s website and social media profiles rank at the top of SERPs, then businesses can beat potential competitors in rankings.

Social Media Sharing Increases Traffic to Websites 

Posting links to your own quality content can increase likes, comments and shares. It can also encourage social media user to click on the link through to your website. Engaging with potential customers/clients on social media helps to keep your brand at the top of their mind. Driving social media users to your website means you’re able to increase organic search rankings this because search engines see your site to have great authority.

Easier to Capture External Links 

Sharing and promoting your own original content on social media platforms increases the likelihood of other websites referring and linking back to it.

Different Search Engines Prefer Certain Social Media Activities 

Different search engines prefer certain social media activity. For example, Google is partial to Google+. Being active on this platform helps profiles show up in SERPs putting your business in front of consumers. Whereas, Bing looks at the social authority of users, this includes how many people follow the account, then assign this to SERPs.

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