Yorkshire Based Direct Mail House

Direct Mail Services

We provide a range of direct mail services from our Wakefield based mailing house.

Machine Enclosing

The majority of our direct mail services is enclosed by our top specification enclosing machines. They quickly enclose mail accurately and in perfect condition allowing us to focus on meeting targets for dispatch. Our enclosing machines have intelligent software (OMR) that can place an invisible barcode on to the mail to ensure matching items are enclosed together, and if something misfeeds or goes even one third into the roller from the paper tray, the machine will stop and alert our operators. We can match up to 8 documents that correspond to the same client, and as if the OMR was not enough, it also detects duplicate feeds, giving us 100% mail verification for both single and multiple direct mail applications.

Mail Delivery Providers

We work with Royal Mail and a range of DSA (Downstream Access) mail providers such as Whistl who are the leader in the DSA industry (formerly TNT Post) and Secured Mail. We work only with the best providers to ensure timely delivery. We send both advertising and transactional direct mail, door to door and catalogues  with our mail providers of which can be both sorted and unsorted mail. We also utilise ways to reduce postage costs by using Mailmark, OCR, CBC and dynamic sortation to ensure we can drive down postage costs and pass these savings on to our clients.

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